Friday, September 12, 2014

Introduction of Lars G Petersson

I have recently been reading a book titled "Medical Rape," by Lars G Petersson.  You can download it as a FREE ebook here:

Warning: If you suffer PTSD, specific phobias, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, etc., this book has "triggers." I had to put this book down a couple times and then return.

MEDICAL RAPE presents a shocking  story that might look like fictitious sadomasochistic porno. However, it isn’t: it is a true account of state-authorised sexual abuse. Therefore, in the name of millions of defenceless young victims, the author calls for an unconditional apology for what they were exposed to by their own country. He also demands an immediate stop to further ill-treatment.

About Lars (source):

Lars G Petersson (b. 1951) is a Swedish-born Londoner and activist with special interest in peace, mental health, environment, social justice and animal/human rights. He is the author of a large number of articles and seven books (three titles in three languages): FANEFLUGT (Danish Resistance Museum Publishing (2004), DESERTERS (2005), ABUSE UK (Chipmunkapublishing, 2010), MUSTERUNG (2010), MEDICAL RAPE (2010), HITLERS FAHNENFLÜCHTIGE (2012) and HITLER’ DESERTERS When Law Merged with Terror (Fonthill Media), 2013. 
Trained as a nurse – specialising in mental health, social issues and addiction – Lars G Petersson has persistently used his insider knowledge to disclose matters otherwise hidden from public scrutiny. In a number of cases this has led to serious public debate and major improvements for vulnerable people. In one case criticism of serious maltreatment of (non criminal) Iran/Iraq war deserters in a Copenhagen prison (Amnesty International Report 1991) led to significant improvements in the treatment of refugees in Denmark. In another, Petersson’s disclosures from a psychiatric unit under the Danish Ministry of Defence led to major reforms in military ‘training methods’ of recruits. 
For a number of years Lars G Petersson was coordinator for the Danish section of Amnesty International’s work against the death penalty. He is now secretary in a local London branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 
An insider’s understanding of the military he achieved as a conscripted soldier (trained as a lowest possible grade fighter plane mechanic) in the Swedish air forces at the time of the cold war. Finally, he has gathered extensive knowledge of German politics and society ever since the early seventies when he worked as a massage therapist in the state of Hesse.
Lars is married to Irish Josephine, his staunchest ally, friend and collaborator and together they have two most beloved dogs, Boo and Bentley.  

Lars will be writing a post for my blog in the future. He also has worked with Amnesty International, a group I greatly admire.


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